Sonac introduces natural protein source

Sonac introduces natural protein source

SONAC, a supplier of animal-based proteins, fats and minerals, has introduced an improved, highly digestible natural protein source for all species.

Its MucoPro 80P is a pure porcine mucosal protein hydrolysate developed to stimulate the feed intake of young animals.

The product is formulated through Sonac's unique production techniques at state-of-the-art facilities in Europe, the company said. This method delivers a palatable feed ingredient that has concentrated levels of free amino acids plus dipeptides and tripeptides — fractions that are rapidly digested by young animals and fish. As a result, the animals and their intestinal cells are nourished quickly and efficiently to reinforce the gut defense system, Sonac said.

Mucus, mucosal cells and the intestinal immune system are recognized as providing young animals with high levels of protection against invasive and harmful pathogens, the company explained.

Sonac stressed that MucoPro 80P is also permitted, by European feed law, for application in feed for all animal species, which makes it one of the few animal proteins that can be used in all feed mills, regardless of whether they have separate ruminant and non-ruminant lines.

Sonac is part of VION Ingredients and is active in 37 locations, with a head office in Son, Netherlands.

VION Ingredients is active in the slaughter byproduct markets, primarily adding value to protein and fats. These products are used as high-quality ingredients in such markets as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, feed, energy and technology.

Volume:85 Issue:38

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