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On-site rapid test for feed enzymes

Canadian Bio-Systems launches FeedCheck Express quality assurance tool for accurate enzyme detection in complete and pelleted feeds.

Canadian Bio-Systems Inc. (CBS Inc.), an innovation-focused company that manufactures a wide range of products used in feed, food, industrial and environmental applications, has launched FeedCheck Express — a uniquely designed quality assurance tool that puts the power of fast, accurate enzyme detection into customer hands.

"The animal feeding sector today is more dynamic, multi-layered, sophisticated and fast moving than ever before," said Rob Patterson, CBS Inc. technical service manager. "Quick and precise enzyme detection is critical to meet rising demand for enhanced quality assurance in this rapidly evolving marketplace."

FeedCheck Express provides a user-friendly approach with advanced methodology that takes on-site testing for in-feed enzymes to a new level of convenience and value, added Mark Peters, CBS Inc. manager of sales and marketing. "It offers a dependable and practical assay approach that is second-to-none for on-site, in-feed testing.

"The kit is very simple and straightforward, with instructions anyone involved in the feed operation or livestock facility can apply. It is compatible with a broad range of feedstuffs and can be applied at various stages to suit the needs of each customer," Peters said.

FeedCheck Express confirms the presence and activity of enzymes in both complete feeds and pelleted feeds, Patterson explained. Feed samples do not require grinding or other processing, and mash or pellets can be included in the reaction vials.

The FeedCheck Express technology is also backed by CBS Inc. laboratory services and the company and its affiliates' broad network of customer support. This includes a full range of both quantitative and qualitative testing and analysis options. Wilbur-Ellis Co. is a key CBS Inc. marketing and distribution partner for the U.S. market.

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