Senate confirms FCA nominees

Dallas Tonsager and Jeffery Hall confirmed as new board members to the Farm Credit Administration.

In a voice vote, the U.S. Senate confirmed the nominations of Jeffery Hall and Dallas Tonsager to serve on the Farm Credit Administration Board of the Farm Credit Administration.

The Farm Credit Administration regulates and examines banks, associations and other entities within the Farm Credit System (FCS) – including the Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation (Farmer Mac). The FCA is governed by a three-person board, the members of which that serve six-year terms and may not be reappointed after serving full terms.

Tonsager previously served on the board of directors for FCA from 2004 to 2009 until he was appointed under secretary for rural development of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and sworn into office in May 2009. He served as the president of South Dakota Farmers Union from 1987 to 1993.

During his previous tenure as a board member of the Farm Credit Administration, Tonsager supported passage of a new authority which allowed Farm Credit System institutions to invest in rural communities across America, opening a way for the system to provide funding to Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) in rural America.

National Farmers Union president Roger Johnson said Tonsager exemplifies all the traits of a great leader in professional public service. “His leadership in economic and cooperative development, both at the state and national level, is well recognized. I have no doubt Dallas will serve the Farm Credit Administration with the same enthusiasm and competency as he did during his previous six years in the same position.”

Hall was recommended by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.), who he previously worked for as well as the Kentucky Farm Bureau, University of Kentucky’s College of Agriculture, state executive director of the Farm Service Agency and most recently a small consulting business that primarily managed small trade associations.

“I am pleased the Senate acted swiftly to confirm these nominees,” said Senate Agriculture Committee chairman Pat Roberts (R., Kan.). “At the hearing on their nominations we discussed how they would ensure there was robust oversight of the Farm Credit System. I hope they will take my advice seriously and get around the country and visit with farmers and ranchers to provide them with confidence in the System.”

Ranking member of the Senate Agriculture Committee Debbie Stabenow (D., Mich.) said she looks forward to working with Tonsager and Hall and the entire Farm Credit System working to implement policies that “grow the farm sector, support rural businesses, get new and beginning farmers and ranchers on their feet, and bolster rural America.”

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