Scoular ups grain capacity in Nebraska

Scoular ups grain capacity in Nebraska

THE Scoular Co. announced Nov. 29 that it will expand its operations in western Nebraska by building a 2 million bu. storage building in Perkins County, Neb., at its North Grant facility, located between the cities of Grant and Ogallala, Neb.

The new building will effectively double the North Grant site's storage and unloading capacity, with 4 million bu. of storage and an unloading capacity of 50,000 bu. per hour.

Rick Matousek, Scoular manager for the western Nebraska facilities, said the increased unloading speed is a key upgrade for the region's corn and wheat farmers.

"Both of our buildings at North Grant will be able to unload at 25,000 bu. per hour, which means we will be able to dump a lot of grain in a relatively short amount of time," he said.

With an average grain hauler holding 1,000-1,200 bu., the facility will be able to move quite a few tractor-trailers through its dump facility in an hour.

Scoular said the expansion will support its shuttle train operation in Venango, Neb.

Volume:84 Issue:51

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