Saudi ag company to produce grain, cattle feed in Sudan

Saudi ag company to produce grain, cattle feed in Sudan

SAUDI agricultural company Iktifaa recently announced its plan to establish agricultural and animal projects in the states of Sennar and Northern in Sudan.

The company plans to grow wheat, corn and oilseeds such as sunflower and peanuts. Additionally, it plans to invest in cattle feeding projects.

Executive director Mohamed Ibn Saeed Al-Atiya said the company's plan to invest in Sudan was in response to an initiative by King Abdalla Ibn Abdel-Aziz for achieving Arab food security.

Because of its vast resources, including a large agricultural land area, animal wealth and water, Sudan has been one of the first countries to respond to the Arab food security initiative.

Last year, the country even signed an agricultural cooperation agreement with China, which gives Chinese companies several options to operate in Sudan.

Despite the potential to be the bread basket of the Arab world, Sudan's agriculture sector has continued to deteriorate over the years, mainly due to negligence, drought, mismanagement, high taxes and the overall economic climate.

Farmers in Sudan often complain about the high costs of imported materials such as fertilizers, and many of them have gone to jail because of debt.

Foreign investors also complain about the country's lack of infrastructure and unfriendly laws that they say deter them.

Volume:86 Issue:02

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