Retained placenta prevention focus of Zoetis grant

Cattle Call grant awarded to Cornell professor will help improve cattle reproductive health.

Zoetis announced that it has awarded Dr. Rodrigo Bicalho, assistant professor of dairy production medicine at Cornell University, with the 2013 Cattle Call grant.

With the $150,000 grant, Bicalho will evaluate ways to prevent retained placenta and ultimately improve overall uterine health in cattle, Zoetis said.

"It's a widespread issue across the industry," he said. "Retained placenta has a link to immune suppression, can cause a significant amount of economic loss and is an animal welfare concern, too."

The Cattle Call research grant program, in its second year, awards funding to support the development of new products and services that help improve the health and productivity of beef and dairy cattle. In 2013, Zoetis asked researchers to submit proposals to address ways to improve cattle reproduction or develop models for managing cattle pain.

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