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Purina Animal Nutrition launches dairy-beef program

Article-Purina Animal Nutrition launches dairy-beef program

New program provides nutrition recommendations for feeding dairy steers from start to finish.

Purina Animal Nutrition introduces the Purina Dairy-Beef Feeding Program, a complete nutrition program for feeding dairy steers from day one through finishing.

In this program, three feeding tracks are outlined with recommendations for milk replacer, starter grains and grower and finisher feeds.

Teri Otte, cattle marketing manager for Purina Animal Nutrition, said their team of nutritionists developed the program to support the quickly expanding dairy-beef industry.

“The dairy-beef market is growing steadily and offers significant opportunity to producers,” she said. “Both established and new dairy-beef producers will benefit from this program, which helps calves reach market weight quickly and efficiently.”

The three outlined feeding tracks in the program include: feeding for full-growth potential, feeding for optimal utilization of nutrients and for incorporation with a total mixed ration. Each track includes feed recommendations for each life stage — from birth to market — and is flexibly designed to work with a producer’s given resources and goals.

Ted Perry, cattle nutritionist for Purina Animal Nutrition, said program feeding can help producers provide quality nutrition through all life stages.

"Providing the correct nutrition through each life stage is critical to any producer’s bottom line," Perry said. "The Purina Dairy-Beef Feeding Program helps producers select the correct milk replacer, starter grain and finisher feed, so they can most profitably raise dairy steers."

To learn more about the Purina Dairy-Beef Feeding Program, contact a Purina Animal Nutrition representative.

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