Proliant Dairy, FAGE sign deal to process whey

Proliant Dairy, FAGE sign deal to process whey

PROLIANT Dairy Inc., a subsidiary of The Lauridsen Group Inc., and FAGE USA Dairy Industry Inc., a subsidiary of FAGE International S.A., announced a long-term agreement that will provide a sustainable outlet for the whey from FAGE's expanding Greek yogurt production in Johnstown, N.Y.

The straining process used to make the Greek yogurt creates a natural byproduct called whey. Proliant Dairy will transform FAGE's whey utilizing a patent-pending process into a shelf-stable, easily transportable, dry ingredient for the global food and feed industries.

"We are excited about the opportunity to partner with a company like Proliant Dairy that looks for innovative ways to create value by converting our whey into commercially viable products," said Ioannis Ravanis, executive vice president for manufacturing and operations at FAGE USA.

"Proliant Dairy looks forward to its alliance with FAGE and will continue to invest in industry-leading research to further refine the components of whey into value-added ingredients," added Gary Weihs, president and chief executive officer of Proliant Dairy.

Volume:85 Issue:48

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