PIC completes first live animal shipment to EU

PIC completes first live animal shipment to EU

For the first time in more than 15 years, live breeding pigs have been delivered to continental Europe from the U.S.

In May, PIC shipped 45 grandparent boars from its APEX genetic nucleus farm in South Dakota to PIC Spain's artificial insemination center in Galicia, Spain, and to customer center's throughout the country.

A few months ago, this shipment wouldn't have been possible, but recent amendments to European Union regulations now allow for the import of live breeding pigs from the U.S., PIC said.

Calling it a "team effort" between PIC and health officials in the U.S. and European Union, Mike Walters, director of PIC export, said, "This and future planned shipments allow us to increase the rate of genetic improvement to our customers in Spain and across Europe. This opens another pipeline from North America, in addition to our Canadian Genetic Nucleus, Aurora. With the continued exports from Canada, this shipment marks the first of several planned exports from the U.S. to our PIC companies and partners throughout Europe, allowing PIC additional opportunities to meet the needs of the European market."

PIC is an international provider of pig breeding stock. The company combines quantitative sciences with biotechnology to develop non-genetically modified breeding stock that is focused on meeting the needs of its customers.

Operating for more than 50 years, PIC is a wholly owned subsidiary of U.K.-based Genus plc, which markets to livestock producers in 70 countries worldwide. Genus also is the parent company of ABS Global, a leader in beef and dairy genetics and related products.

Volume:85 Issue:26

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