Pharmgate concludes Pennfield acquisition

Pharmgate has concluded its acquisition of Pennfield Animal Health, which remains based in Omaha, Neb.

Pharmgate LLC announced Nov. 3 that it has concluded the acquisition of Pennfield Animal Health and is open for business with the same customer service and account representatives as before. Manufacturing, laboratory, regulatory, accounting and customer service functions remain in Omaha, Neb. The products will be sold and serviced under the Pharmgate Animal Health banner.

Pharmgate general manager Edward Seed said, "We are fortunate to merge a product line and experienced sales and service organization that will be largely complementary with our own. The nature of the companies' respective products, marketing models and customer segments, will permit a healthy degree of sales synergy. After a successful start with Aivlosin, the addition of the Pennchlor, Pennox and Neo-Oxy products gives us the critical mass and marketing presence needed to better satisfy a broader range of customer needs, and positions us well with a range of therapeutic antibiotics. Customers can expect the desired degree of product supply and service post-closing."

Pharmgate is the majority-owned U.S. subsidiary of Jinhe Biotechnology Co. Ltd., a world leader in the production of chlortetracycline feed grade, chlortetracycline hydrochloride, salinomycin and other animal health compounds. The company has marketing or supply approvals for these products in most major markets throughout the world.

Pharmgate Animal Health is a joint venture between Pharmgate LLC and ECO Animal Health, a leader in the development, registration and marketing of pharmaceutical products for global animal health markets including Aivlosin, as well as a range of branded generic animal health therapeutic products.

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