Pharmgate concludes merger with ProtaTek

Pharmgate successfully completes merger with ProtaTek International, which will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary.

Pharmgate LLC announced Oct. 12 that it has successfully concluded its merger with ProtaTek International Inc., which will continue to operate as a wholly owned subsidiary.

Former ProtaTek board members, Roger Headrick and Dr. Shi-Jun Ma, will be retained on the board of the company. Manufacturing, laboratory, regulatory, accounting and customer service functions will remain in St Paul, Minn. The products will be sold and serviced under the Pharmgate Animal Health banner in the U.S. and Canada, and Pharmgate LLC in international markets.

ProtaTek currently markets a range of biologicals through a network of distributors, and has a pipeline of novel products that will be introduced globally over a number of years. This will significantly enhance Pharmgate’s expanding range of animal health solutions offered to its customers.

At the same time, the company has appointed Dr. Mary Jo Baarsch as vice president of biologicals operations, who will join the team in St. Paul. Baarsch has an extensive background in vaccine development and commercialization with multinational and boutique animal health and pharmaceutical companies.

Pharmgate LLC is the majority-owned U.S. subsidiary of Jinhe Biotechnology Co. Ltd., the world leader in the production of chlortetracycline and other fermentation compounds, and more recently, the majority owner of Jianliang Veterinary Biologicals, a company manufacturing and supplying vaccines to the domestic market in China.

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