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Pharmgate Animal Health launches Aivlosin

Pharmgate Animal Health launches Aivlosin 17% Tylvalosin Type A Medicated Article for the control of ileitis in swine.

Pharmgate Animal Health announced the launch of Aivlosin 17% Tylvalosin Type A Medicated Article for the control of porcine proliferative enteritis (PPE) associated with Lawsonia intracellularis infection in swine.

Ileitis can have a serious impact on swine producers’ profitability. Ileitis, particularly the chronic form, remains widespread on many swine operations, resulting in poor feed conversion and weight gains. Clinical signs may be subtle or absent; diagnosis by serology or polymerase chain reaction will confirm the presence of the disease. Veterinarians and producers can improve production performance through pig flow management and targeted treatment to reduce this form of the disease, a costly threat.

Aivlosin 17% Tylvalosin Type A Medicated Article is administered as a sole ration in the feed and is effective in reducing clinical signs, mortality, intestinal lesions and performance suppression associated with PPE where the disease has become endemic in groups of pigs in a house or on a farm, Pharmgate said.

Under a veterinary feed directive from a veterinarian, Aivlosin 17% is administered at a level of 38.6 g per ton in complete finished feed for 14 consecutive days to provide 2.125 mg tylvalosin per kilogram of bodyweight daily, offering both a low therapeutic dose rate and a short medication duration. No withdrawal period is required, a great benefit when breakdowns occur in late finishers.

Furthermore, the clinical efficacy, low therapeutic dose rate and brief treatment duration are all in accordance with best practices for contemporary commercial swine units and judicious antibiotic use, the company said.

Dr. Dan Rosener, technical services director for Pharmgate Animal Health, North America, explained, “Where Aivlosin Water Soluble Granules has met with widespread acclaim from veterinarians and producers in North America for its fast speed of action in the face of an outbreak, the launch of Aivlosin 17% now allows veterinarians greater flexibility when dealing with the control of subclinical, chronic cases of ileitis. Field efficacy and improved clinical results have been demonstrated since the launch two years ago in Canada. With global concerns about the use of antibiotics, this new medication option, with its low medication dose rate, short treatment time and 0-day withdrawal period fulfills the requirements for the judicious use of antimicrobials in modern pig production”.

Aivlosin is the registered trademark of ECO Animal Health Ltd. in the U.K. Pharmgate is a subsidiary of ECO Animal Health.

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