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ORIGO launches new dry fat supplement

New Kinetic rumen-friendly dry fat supplement targeted to lactating dairy cows.

ORIGO announced July 6 the launch of its new Kinetic rumen-friendly dry fat supplement for lactating dairy cows.

Headquartered in New Ulm, Minn., ORIGO is a supplier of fat supplements for the dairy, swine and poultry industries.

“Kinetic is the first rumen-friendly dry fat dairy supplement to offer a guaranteed free fatty acid content of at least 97%, as well as the ideal balance of stearic and palmitic acids for optimum body condition, milk production and reproductive performance,” noted Michael Hippert, chief executive officer of ORIGO. “While the stearic and palmitic fat content of the leading brand has varied significantly over the years based on the availability and cost of raw ingredients, Kinetic offers a balance of these two essential fatty acids within very tight production parameters. The result is a premium product that delivers the consistent performance dairy producers need from their energy supplement.”

Kinetic will be sold in 50-lb. bags as well as 2,000-lb. totes.

ORIGO, formerly named Tri-State Grease & Tallow Co. Inc., was founded in 1967 by Lawrence Hippert Jr. as a collector of restaurant grease throughout Minnesota and surrounding states. The company quickly grew into a major force in the grease recycling industry, which led to a sale of its accounts in 1978. Immediately, the company shifted its focus to animal nutrition, where there was a growing need for fats and oils in livestock diets. Working with livestock nutritionists, ORIGO delivered specific liquid formulations for swine, dairy and poultry by truck and rail. In 1990, the company observed a need for fats and oils in dry formulations, so a prilling tower was erected and product is now sold in bags and totes to distributors and feed manufacturers. With the passing of Lawrence Hippert Jr. in 2000, his two sons took over management of the company. ORIGO president Bruce Hippert has worked for the company since he was 15 years old, and chief executive officer Michael Hippert joined the company in 1990.

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