Opal Foods acquires Moark assets

Opal Foods acquires Moark assets

OPAL Foods, an entity created by AGR Partners with the assistance of Rose Acre Farms and Weaver Brothers, has purchased Moark's egg production assets in the Midwest.

Opal Foods' operations will initially consist of more than 5 million laying hens at farms in Missouri and Colorado, as well as a new farm in Neosho, Mo., that will eventually be home to 800,000 cage-free hens. Many of the farms purchased were recently renovated to comply with California's future egg production standards, and some will be among the most modern in the country.

Opal Foods' company headquarters will be in Neosho, and it will retain all Moark employees in the Midwest. Opal Foods will be a franchisee of Eggland's Best and will continue serving the same customers.

Opal Foods general manager Jerry Welch said, "Opal Foods is proud to continue to supply customers with the highest-quality eggs to help meet the category's strong and growing demand. Opal Foods' stewardship will provide its customers and end consumers with a sustainable source of protein and valuable nutrition for years to come."

Opal Foods is interested in growth opportunities in egg production operations and recognizes the shift to healthier diets as a growth catalyst for the egg industry as individuals and restaurants embrace the trend to increase protein consumption and expand breakfast and lunch menus with items that include eggs.

AGR Partners pursues non-controlling investments and seeks to partner with best-in-class management teams and business owners. Rose Acre Farms and Weaver Brothers have been strategic partners in the creation of Opal Foods.

The partners will assist Opal Foods and its management team in building an industry leader in the production and distribution of fresh eggs that meet the nation's needs for a healthy source of protein.

Volume:86 Issue:20

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