Oklahoma State launches meat goat website

Oklahoma State launches meat goat website

THE latest research-based information about meat goat production has gone digital on a new website provided through Oklahoma State University's Division of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources.

The website can be accessed online at http://meatgoat.okstate.edu and includes the following materials:

* "Oklahoma Basic Meat Goat Manual," a 15-chapter manual that covers such topics as herd health, nutrition, goat selection, breeding, kidding, marketing, forages for goats, fencing, housing, corrals, predator control and general herd management. Digital copies of all chapters of the manual are available for download or hardcopy printing.

* Educational videos have been recorded and uploaded thanks to a grant from the Southern Region Risk Management Center. There are 25 video presentations covering a wide range of topics, from basic management tools such as ear tagging, hoof trimming, castrating and aging to marketing, business planning, forage production, nutrition and parasite control, among others. Links to these videos are available through the website or via YouTube.

* Oklahoma Meat Goat Boot Camp, a three-day annual workshop at Oklahoma State that delivers almost 40 hours of educational programming and employs a mixture of hands-on presentations, classroom exercises and PowerPoint presentations. The website contains information about the boot camp and how to attend.

Oklahoma is currently the nation's fourth-largest meat goat producer, with 91,000 animals, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture statistics, although historic drought in recent years has played a significant role in reducing the number of meat goats in Oklahoma from its high of 115,000 animals in 2008.

Volume:85 Issue:33

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