NUTRIQUEST adds swine research facility

NUTRIQUEST has opened The Ran Research Center in Minnesota capable of advanced swine research applications.

NUTRIQUEST announced Dec. 16 that it has opened a new research facility in Minnesota capable of advanced swine research applications.

The Ran Research Center, located near Pipestone, Minn., can accommodate all aspects of wean-to-finish swine research. The facility features 2,400 animal finishing spaces, modern design and a state-of-the-art automated feeding system, making it fully capable of producing controlled and technologically advanced research.

The Ran Research Center is the final piece of a breed-to-slaughter research system that already includes modern commercial sow and nursery research facilities, according to the announcement.

"NUTRIQUEST's investment in the Ran Research Center furthers our focus on the research and development of real-world technologies that help producers optimize pig performance and profitability. We now have the capability of doing breed-to-slaughter research, on large numbers of animals, within a state-of-the-art commercial research setting," Dr. Chad Hagen, senior vice president of NUTRIQUEST, said.

The center is yet another stride in the continued growth of NUTRIQUEST's research, product development and take-to-market capabilities.

"The Ran Research Center continues our commitment to the animal agriculture industry and will ensure we deliver on our goal of developing products and technologies that enhance animal productivity in a cost effective, safe and healthy manner while respecting the environment," NUTRIQUEST president Steve Weiss said.

NUTRIQUEST, headquartered in Mason City, Iowa, serves producers tasked with operating in an ever-evolving economic and operational paradigm and believes that success comes from helping producers realize improved profitability through optimized animal nutrition programs and efficient operation based on strategic production goals.
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