Nutraferma launches swine, poultry products

Nutraferma introduces three new natural products: LactoPlan, Enervance and Artvill.

Nutraferma has introduced LactoPlan, Artvill and Enervance, three products that provide livestock producers with new natural answers to the problems facing today's feed industry.

Nutraferma explained that Artvill is made from a natural plant extract that can protect swine, poultry and cattle from poor gastrointestinal health. The anti-inflammatory effects of Artvill help to reduce the negative impact of the symptoms associated with coccidiosis and salmonella infections. Artvill is not available for sale within the U.S.

Enervance is a safe, natural combination of enzymes manufactured through solid-state fermentation, the announcement said. University research has shown that Enervance can increase average daily gains in swine and improve feed-to-gain ratios. The combination of enzymes in Enervance helps to increase protein and starch digestibility in both swine and poultry.

LactoPlan contains a unique strain of Lactobacillus plantarum that provides nutritional benefits to poultry during periods of stress, Nutraferma said. Research has shown that when broilers exposed to avian influenza were fed LactoPlan, they were able to achieve normal life-spans and improved feed-to-gain ratios. The microbes in LactoPlan are heat-stable and have the ability to be pelleted into feed without the loss of viable microbes.

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