Nutraferma launches NF8 Protein Product

Company launches value-added functional soy protein ingredient that contains live, viable microorganisms for young animal diets.

Nutraferma has launched NF8, a state-of-the-art functional soy-protein ingredient for young animal diets. NF8 contains live, patented viable microorganisms such as lactic acid producing bacteria and bacillus.

The microbial enzymes produced during the fermentation process work to create a soy-protein ingredient with higher protein content and lower anti-nutritional factors than traditionally found in soy, the company said.

Advances in fermentation technology have given Nutraferma the ability to process soy protein in a way that reduces anti-nutritional factors while enhancing the nutrient quality of the product. The use of solid-state fermentation retains effective metabolites, enzymes and organic acids. The product is gently dried with low heat to maintain protein quality and ensure that the beneficial microorganisms remain viable.

“Feeding trials and university research with NF8 indicate the product works as well as other processed soy products in the diets of piglets. NF8 can also replace commonly used animal-based proteins in piglet diets, while maintaining piglet performance,” Nutraferma nutritionist Dr. Jason Sewell said.

NF8 is a safe alternative to animal proteins, and can be used as the fundamental source of protein for young animal diets. The microorganisms Pediococcus pentosaceus and Bacillus subtilis in the finished product improve nutrient availability. NF8 has reduced anti-nutritional factors such as raffinose, stachyose and trypsin inhibitor that are native to conventional soy protein.

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