Novus, Verenium select enzyme candidates for animal nutrition

Novus, Verenium select enzyme candidates for animal nutrition

NOVUS International Inc. and Verenium Corp. recently announced significant steps forward in their collaboration aimed at commercializing a suite of next-generation enzymes for animal nutrition.

The two companies, which entered into a strategic partnership in 2011, recently selected lead enzyme candidates for developing the collaboration's suite of non-starch polysaccharide enzyme products designed to enhance the digestibility of feedstuffs in monogastric diets. Additionally, the two companies announced that their next-generation phytase remains on track, and the commercial launch of the product into selected geographies is targeted for 2013.

"Our collaboration with Novus and the development of a suite of next-generation enzyme products for animal nutrition are progressing very positively," Verenium president and chief executive officer James Levine said. "Through this important collaboration, we are able to further diversify our product portfolio and gain access to the broader animal health and nutrition market for enzymes."

Enzymes are used in the animal health and nutrition market to allow livestock, poultry, aquaculture and companion animals to more readily digest and absorb the nutrients in their feed.

According to industry reports, enzymes are experiencing remarkable growth in the sector due to their ability to provide better nutrition and to improve the environmental impact. Global sales of animal feed enzymes are estimated to have reached nearly $600 million in 2012 and are expected to grow 6-7% annually to reach more than $700 million by 2016.

Novus is based in St. Louis, Mo., and serves customers in nearly 100 countries.

Verenium, an industrial biotechnology company, is a global leader in developing high-performance enzymes.

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