Novartis Animal Health introduces non-toxic biocides

Novartis Animal Health has introduced Natunex, a new line of non-toxic biocides that provide insect control in production animal facilities.

Novartis Animal Health announced the introduction of Natunex, an innovative new line of non-toxic biocides that provide highly effective and fast insect control in livestock and production animal facilities.

Novartis said the active ingredients in Natunex are plant-derived essential oils that have natural insecticidal properties. These patented formulations are proven to deliver efficacy that's comparable or superior to chemical-based insecticides, without their toxicity, safety concerns, resistance issues or application limitations.

"With Natunex, producers, facility managers and farm employees get excellent pest control while avoiding the laundry list of safety precautions, environmental concerns and application warnings that usually go hand-in-hand with chemical-based pest control products," said Gary Bosch, vice president sales and marketing, Novartis Animal Health. "And since there are no restrictions on re-use, Natunex really takes the hassle out of applying pest control products."

Natunex kills by contact, and studies show it frequently provided a quicker kill than the chemical insecticides it was compared against. The technology platform, developed by TyraTech Inc., works by blocking specific tyramine nerve receptors that are only active in insects and parasites. These receptors are not active in humans and other mammals, which is why Natunex is non-toxic and poses minimal safety risk to people or animals, the announcement said.

The Natunex product line includes six formulations to control a wide variety of insects that can carry disease or negatively impact health. Two liquid formulations are available — Natunex Ready To Use Insect Killer and Natunex Drain Fly Killer. Natunex TechDust is a powder-based product. Aerosol products include Natunex Crawling Insect Killer, Natunex Flying Insect Killer and Natunex Stinging Insect Killer.

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