Norel launches U.S. subsidiary

Norel launches U.S. subsidiary

NOREL Animal Nutrition, a company based in Spain that is dedicated to the development, manufacturing and trading of additives and feed ingredients for animal nutrition, announced Dec. 9 that it has formed Norel Animal Nutrition USA in order to enter the large-animal feed market.

Evaluating the trends in the market, the company said it believes that now is the right moment to start the business in the U.S.

Norel Animal Nutrition USA Inc. will be a subsidiary of Norel and will be located in Houston, Texas, offering its existing physiological promoters, probiotics and flavors.

"We do not expect the introduction in this new market to be a smooth process for us. We certainly know that the American market is very competitive and that it will be very difficult to compete against the biggest companies in the world in their own territory, but there is no such thing as an easy business," Norel said in its announcement.

Norel also announced the appointment of Brenntag New Zealand as its new distributor for New Zealand. Previously known as ISM/Salkat Group, the company is a leading distributor of specialty chemicals in Australia and New Zealand and has good connections with the major feed producers and premix companies.

Norel has more than 30 years of experience and is present in more than 60 countries around the world. It operates three factories in Spain and has production plants and offices in Mexico, Egypt, India, Singapore and Ecuador.

The company has two research and development laboratories in Spain dedicated to biotechnology and chemistry. These facilities are complemented by Norel's animal test station, with a capacity for 50 piglets and 200 broilers, where basic research trials are carried out.

Because its internal research and development capacity is limited, Norel said it strengthens its experimental activities through collaborations with recognized universities and consultants.

Volume:85 Issue:52

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