NGFA issues mycotoxin alert

Due to crop conditions this year, NGFA is reminding grain and feed industries of FDA's current action levels for mycotoxins.

Given the crop conditions this season, the National Grain & Feed Assn. (NGFA) issued a mycotoxin alert Sept. 28 to remind the grain and feed industries of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s current action levels for aflatoxin as well as its regulatory guidance for fumonisin and vomitoxin levels. FDA has issued regulatory guidance for these three mycotoxins that may be present in raw grain, feed ingredients and finished feed.

The guide can be accessed as a pdf: NGFA Alert: Mycotoxins. NGFA encourages use and sharing of the guide as needed.

More information about NGFA’s safety and feed programs can be found on the NGFA website or by contacting NGFA's David Fairfield, senior vice president of feed services, or Jess McCluer, vice president of safety and regulatory affairs.

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