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New Equipment, May 2013

New Equipment, May 2013

Fence products
Preformed Line Products of Mayfield Village, Ohio, announced the launch of Ranchmate, a line of wire fence construction and repair products for farmers and ranchers. The Ranchmate line of fencing products includes tools to make fencing faster and easier. The Ranchmate splices and dead ends are made from Class 3 or higher galvanized steel that won't crack or rust.


Gas meter
CO2Meter.com of Ormond Beach, Fla., has developed a low-cost combination carbon dioxide and methane gas level meter for use in the biogas industry. It can measure up to 100% methane and 50% carbon dioxide levels in real time, or it can be used as a data logger to record gas levels over time. The meter is available either as a handheld, battery-operated device or in a permanently mounted NEMA4 enclosure. Both versions use a built-in micro-pump to take a sample via a tube port, measure the sample and return it via a second tube port to form a closed-loop gas measurement system. The non-dispersive infrared sensor combines high-concentration carbon dioxide and methane measurement in a single unit. The sensor has low power requirements and does not require frequent calibration. In addition to the biogas industry, the meters have applicability for the natural gas processing industry, for monitoring fermentation and for agricultural carbon dioxide uptake and analysis.


Wheeled loader
JCB of Savannah, Ga., introduced the new JCB 457 wheeled loader to replace the existing 456. The machine has a Tier 4 Interim-compliant, 8.9-liter Cummins engine that incorporates: a high-pressure common rail fuel injection system, exhaust gas recirculation, a diesel oxidation catalyst plus diesel particulate filter and a variable geometry turbocharger that improves the machine's response at low revolutions per minute. The JCB 457 delivers 250 hp and 800 lb.-ft. of torque. It has a new economy mode to reduce engine output for lighter duties, a low idle feature and an engine shutdown mode that kicks in after a predetermined idle period to save fuel. A four-speed automatic power shift transmission comes standard, and a five-speed power shift transmission is also available. An intelligent clutch cutoff system dynamically adjusts the clutch cutoff point depending on transmission output torque and brake pressure and disengages the clutch to limit tractive effort. The ZF automatic differential lock axle option offers the choice among standard open differential, limited slip differential or an automatic differential lock on the front axle only. The JCB Smooth Ride System can be adjusted so it can be activated at any speed, allowing operators to tailor it to individual site requirements. The hydraulic tank is located behind the cab to reduce the potential for damage or contamination. The large cab has a full-color LCD monitor and a revised instrument cluster. The menu system provides the operator with real-time fuel consumption and cycle data. The JCB 457 is available with a choice of a conventional multi-lever layout, a single joystick with a separate auxiliary control lever and a joystick with proportional control auxiliary controls built in. The sloping engine canopy at the rear has been designed to improve all-round visibility.


Cattle mat
Double D Family Mat Shop of Park, Kan., announced its floor mats for cattle that are designed to greatly reduce falls in processing areas. The woven pattern of the Double D Cattle Mat provides a soft, firm surface even when dirty. The standard mat is 4 ft. x 10 ft. Double D Cattle Mats are made by weaving together discarded tire treads and then fastening them with stainless steel bolts. The mats are heavy and are applicable for use in alleyways, sale barns, veterinary clinics, packing plants, trailers and anywhere livestock encounter slick surfaces, especially around the chute. A hook also is available to help move the mats for cleaning underneath them.


Cab shelf
Automatic Equipment of Pender, Neb., announced the KabKaddy, a shelving system that mounts inside the cab of many tractor models. It features an upper shelf for reviewing manuals and a lower shelf for storage as well as built-in top rail mounts for implement monitors with cord slots. Installation requires just two bolts. Several models have an additional bracket for mounting the operator's CB radio. An accessory window mount is also available to hold additional monitors across the side window of the tractor. The upper shelf measures 11 in. wide and 11 in. deep. The lower shelf measures 3 in. high and 11 in. deep. The KabKaddy is available in black powder coat.


Telescopic handler
JCB JCB of Savannah, Ga., announced its new JCB 550-200 telescopic handlers with a lift capacity of 10,000 lb. that can lift loads to 65 ft.-6 in. The 550-200 utilizes a five-stage boom design to keep the overall machine length to a minimum while maximizing site maneuverability. The boom is driven by an internal extension ram and chain system, providing proportional extension of the boom. The chain and roller system uses a pre-lubricated chain. The system is designed to visibly show the operator and service engineer when chain adjustment is necessary. The boom nose is fitted with a JCB Clearview carriage and is a one-piece design so as to minimize stress on the inner boom during operation. A single auxiliary service comes standard for quickly interchanging hydraulic attachments. The chassis is made from 0.8 in.-thick side plates combined with a thick deck plate and two long torsion boxes. The boom is mounted low in the chassis, with the extension ram and hoses installed inside the boom sections. The machine is fitted with a JCB Ecomax109hp engine and a large gas strut-assisted hood. The JCB 550-200 has a 29 gal.-per-minute Tandem Gear pump. The machine is fitted with a cab-mounted, servo-controlled joystick. The angled roof bars provide upward visibility through the large roof window.


Seed drill
Kuhn North America of Brodhead, Wis., announced its Premia mounted seed drills. Premia can be used alone or in combination with a power harrow to reduce the number of passes over a field. The hopper has a wide opening for easy filling and cleaning. The flow rate can be checked with the machine on the ground or without being hitched to a tractor through simple and easy-to-access adjustment points. An additional grass box, which also has a wide opening for easy filling, can be added for drilling small seeds.

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