New Equipment, March 2013

New Equipment, March 2013

Utility tractors
Massey Ferguson of Louisville, Ky., has introduced its new 4600 Series of heavy-duty utility tractors. With a new three-cylinder AGCO Power diesel engine, the MF4608, MF4609 and MF4610 tractors offer rated engine horsepower of 75 hp, 85 hp and 95 hp, respectively. The three new models are currently available in four-wheel drive. Each cylinder contains four valves, which increase airflows through the engine. All three tractors come standard with a 12x12 power-shuttle transmission, which facilitates back-and-forth loader work. When quick direction changes are needed, an electronically controlled, wet multi-disc clutch lets the operator shuttle the tractor, changing direction by flipping a lever rather than using the foot clutch. The Massey Ferguson 4600 Series have an open-center hydraulic system, with gear-type pump to deliver 17.1 gal. per minute of total oil flow to the hydraulic circuits. The hydraulic system also controls the three-point hitch, which has a lift capacity of 3,417 lb. at 24 in. Three choices in hydraulic valves include the simple spring return to neutral, kick-out or kick-out and float valve types.


AGCO of Tulare, Cal., announced that its Hesston by Massey Ferguson brand has introduced the new MF1844N and MF1844S PTO-driven balers. The MF1844S baler produces three-twine, 15 in. x 22 in. bales, while the higher-capacity MF1844N builds slightly larger 16 in. x 22 in. bales. Both models produce bales from 36 in. to 48 in. long that weigh about 145 lb. in alfalfa, depending on how the hydraulic density control is set. The MF1844S and MF1844N feature hydraulic density control, which senses the resistance of the bales sliding through the bale chamber and sets the bale tension accordingly. Harvesters can monitor bale density from the gauges on the back of the baler and on the front shield and can make adjustments to the size, weight and density of bales using the control box. The MF1844S and MF1844N have an in-line design; each bale flake is pre-formed before it goes into the bale chamber, so the crop is more evenly distributed to each side of the bale.


Ventilation fan
American Coolair of Jacksonville, Fla., announced a 54 in. version of its NBC fan for farm buildings. The NBC54 provides the maximum airflow needed to ventilate poultry buildings and features all-galvanized steel construction with a sturdy cross-frame drive support design. The NBC54 has been engineered to meet large-volume ventilation needs while reducing energy costs. The NBC54 also features the company's unique captured bearing arrangement, which allows the blade hub to also serve as the driven sheave. Placing the belt load directly over the bearings may extend the life of the bearings.


Bird handling module
Anglia Autoflow N.A. of Woodstock, Ga., has introduced its Easyclean Modules for live bird handling to the Americas. The framework is a galvanized steel, sealed structure without any open galvanizing holes. The roof has a continuous flat surface with open construction peaks that provide unobstructed access for washer jets to easily remove debris. There is no place for the dirt and water to enter the frame. The Easyclean Module is compatible and interchangeable with existing Easyload factory handling systems and modules, controlled-atmosphere stunning and Easyload catching systems. It also is available in stainless steel.


Gizzard harvester
Cantrell of Gainesville, Ga., announced its new CGH-9500 Gizzard Harvester to produce optimum yield while reducing water usage. The CGH-9500 removes stomachs while splitting, peeling and cleaning up to 165 gizzards per minute, with a gizzard recovery rate of more than 85%. The Gizzard Harvester uses 25-35 gal. of water per minute. it has a new see-through design, and safety features include both electronic and mechanical shear pins. A new overload protection innovation has been added to the transport rollers.


Bin sensor
BinMaster Level Controls of Lincoln, Neb., has introduced the 3DLevelScanner HT for measuring the volume and mapping the material surface in bins, tanks and silos with high temperatures. This new model of the 3DLevelScanner has an operating temperature range of up to 356 degrees F to accommodate high temperatures that may be present when material has been heated in the production process before it is conveyed into storage silos. The device measures the material level in multiple locations in the vessel and estimates the volume in storage silos containing challenging materials, in silos where there are multiple challenges such as excessive dust or high humidity as well as in very large silos where the material surface in the bin is irregular and difficult to measure. The sensor sends pulses in a 70-degree beam angle, taking multiple measurements from the material surface and continually mapping the material surface to detect changes in level, account for uneven surface topography and calculate a volume estimate for the contents of the silo. The 3DLevelManager software reports the lowest and highest points detected and the average level based upon a weighted average of all of the measurements detected in the bin. For the MV and the MVL models, a colorful graphical representation indicates where high and low spots exist in the silo. The BinMaster 3DLevelScanner HT system uses dust-penetrating, multiple-point, non-contact technology.


Drag conveyor
Modern Process Equipment Corp. of Chicago, Ill., announced its Chain-Vey tubular drag conveyor. This chain and disc technology gently moves product to nearly eliminate degradation and particle size declassification. Chain-Vey features: an enclosed, sealed tube that protects product aroma and the surrounding environment; conveying distances of up to 200 ft.; flexible designs, with multiple inlets and discharge points possible, and lower energy use than pneumatic conveying systems. An optional self-cleaning design eliminates sanitization between change-over


Steering system
Raven Industries of Sioux Falls, S.D., announced enhancements to its SmarTrax and Slingshot product lines. SmarTrax MD (pictured) is a new simple-to-install mechanical drive steering system that allows growers to seamlessly transfer the ability to steer automatically across their fleet of vehicles, including multiple tractors, combines, windrowers and more. Added torque allows for faster operating speeds, increase accuracy and reduced noise. SmarTrax MD is ISOBUS compatible. Slingshot Online 2.0 will offer several enhancements to help simplify the way customers manage and share their data. These include various improvements to the Slingshot Portal, the API platform and RTK streaming solutions, plus a Wi-Fi-enabled version of the Slingshot Field Hub, which will be compatible with major cell service providers throughout global markets. The Wi-Fi Field Hub will create a hot spot to which up to five devices can connect at one time, allowing customers to utilize wireless internet on their laptop or mobile device in the field.


Mechanical deboner
Prince Industries Inc. of Murrayville, Ga., has developed the Prince 2000 Combination Mechanical Deboners for simple, clean mechanical deboning for the poultry and fish industries. The Prince 2000 Combination Mechanical Deboner, which was designed specifically to meet low- to medium-volume mechanical deboning needs, features a self-pumping system that can pipe the mechanically deboned meat directly into boxes or bags for handling, packing and shipping. The deboner is made of stainless steel and is designed to provide a wide range of deboned products.

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