New Equipment, June 2013

New Equipment, June 2013

Rotary shaft encoder
4B Components Ltd. of Morton, Ill., has introduced an industrial-duty, stainless steel rotary shaft encoder. The 4B Rotech encoder is used primarily for protecting equipment and personnel from dangerous under-speed or belt slip conditions. Other applications include accurate speed control, direction of rotation detection, gate position indication and counting shaft revolutions. The encoder housing is machined from 304 or 316 stainless steel and is completely sealed to be maintenance free. No guarding is necessary since all rotating components are enclosed within the encoder housing. Also, because the encoder is bolted directly to the machine shaft, no additional mounting brackets are required. Encoders are available with various AC/DC outputs with 1-1,000 pulses per revolution and can be installed on machinery with speeds ranging from one to 1,500 rpm. High-speed versions are available that can monitor shaft speed up to 5,000 rpm. Special low-temperature (-40 degrees F/-40 degrees C) and high-temperature (302 degrees F/150 degrees C) units are also available. The encoder is available with hazardous dust approvals, making it suitable for severe industrial environments.


Bale wrapper
Kuhn North America Inc. of Brodhead, Wis., announced its new Kuhn SW 4004 large square bale wrapper. It features a hydraulic sliding feature that allows unique drive-through operation, providing the ability to widen the wrapper for easy bale loading, stability and better visibility of the wrapping process. The patented loading system featured on the Kuhn SW 4004 has fewer moving parts, resulting in less damage to the bale and less chance for contamination. Bales are picked up by the roller pair and automatically placed in their predefined position (horizontal or vertical start). Bales dropped in hard-to-reach locations can be retrieved by backing over them if necessary. The patented design of the short top rollers allows the film to wrap very close to the bale, resulting in less wrinkling of the film and less chance for damage to the film. The hydraulic sliding system provides a transport width of 8 ft. The drawbar with Category II swivel headstock can be controlled via the monitor for unlimited turning angles. Up to 10 rolls of film can be stored on the heavy-duty tongue.


Disc mower
Kuhn North America Inc. of Brodhead, Wis., announced its new Kuhn GMD 2850 TL trailed disc mower. It is designed primarily for hay producers who prefer to use a trailed disc mower but require a machine that will fit through narrow gates and passageways. The GMD 2850 TL has a working width of 8 ft.-10 in. and has the same features of the larger models in the GMD TL Series. The GMD 2850 TL provides easy hook-and-go attachment. The rugged Optidisc cutterbar has differential disc spacing for a clean cut and comes "lubed for life." The Protectadrive cutterbar provides unsurpassed reliability and improved suspension with greater adjustability. The GMD 2850 TL trailed design lowers the tractor ballast requirement, allowing use with smaller tractors while maintaining stability both at work and in transport.


Light bar
Larson Electronics of Kemp, Texas, announced its new LEDP10W-200E 200 Watt High Intensity LED Light Bar that can illuminate large areas and withstand demanding working and environmental operating conditions. The LED light bar produces 17,200 lumens of intense, high-quality light output and uses 200 watts of power at 16.7 amps of current draw on a 12-volt electrical system. It can operate on any voltage ranging from 9 to 46 VDC. The industrial-grade LED light features heavy-duty construction designed to withstand temperatures of -40 degrees C to 85 degrees C and is of watertight construction. The housing on the fixture is formed from heavy-gauge extruded aluminum for light weight and high strength, and an unbreakable polycarbonate lens protects the LED assembly from impacts, debris and moisture. The entire assembly is IP68 rated to withstand prolonged submersion at 3 m. The LED assembly features advanced LED drivers that allow the connection of dimmers and pulse controllers to produce a variety of operating functions, including dimming, strobing and flashing effects. The emitters are CREE XLamp MC-E units. The LED light bar measures 33 in. long by 4 in. high, giving it a long and low profile that enables it to be mounted in tight spaces using aluminum mounting blocks equipped with rubber isolators that slide along the housing.

Volume:85 Issue:22

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