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New Equipment, July 2013

New Equipment, July 2013

Remote monitoring system
Feedlogic Corp. of Willmar, Minn., has introduced the BarnSense wireless sensor platform for remote monitoring of and reporting from livestock production facilities. The BarnSense platform offers barn owners and managers a flexible system to monitor one or more of the facility's sensors and systems, including for temperature, humidity, water usage, propane or natural gas usage, manure levels and gas levels. The BarnSense sensor platform can connect to digital, analog or pulse type sensors. The sensor reading frequency and reporting can be customized to each site. It operates on a wireless "mesh" network, allowing multiple sensor platforms in multiple buildings to connect back to one communication hub. All sensor data are stored in an online database, allowing quick access to history for diagnostics or data analytics. An intelligent alerting system allows multiple users to receive notifications tailored to individual sites. The BarnSense platform comes standard with an interface to Feedlogic's MyFarm web service. Its open database architecture also enables it to be integrated with third-party software or hardware, so an individual barn owner or integrator with multiple sites has the flexibility to utilize the data in the format that works best.


LED light
Larson Electronics of Kemp, Texas, announced its LEDSM-1X30-C LED small area light, nicknamed the "bat wing." The low-wattage, low-voltage, small area LED light is designed to be low profile and minimally intrusive. The wing shaped LEDSM-1X30-C LED area light can be used as a courtesy light for walkways and stairwells but also works as a utility cabinet or storage light due to its high intensity output and "no-snag" curved wing design. The light operates on 12 volts DC, draws 30mA and measures 1.81 in. in length by 0.53 in. thick.


Micro-ingredient applicator
Feedlogic Corp. of Willmar, Minn., has introduced the BlendTronic intelligent micro-ingredient application system for controlling and monitoring micro-ingredients commonly used in livestock feed. The BlendTronic system provides livestock producers with alternative ways to use micro-ingredients in their feed so they can apply products more cost-effectively and in the correct amount at the right time. The applicator is designed to work with virtually any feed delivery system used in livestock production facilities. Product is injected directly into the flow of feed as it is transported from a feed bin into a building, allowing a micro-ingredient to be mixed into the feed right before it is consumed by the animals. The BlendTronic system uses Feedlogic's FeedMeter technology to ensure accurate inclusion rates. Feed flow through the main feed line is constantly monitored, and injection rates are altered as the flow rate varies. Variable inclusion rates can be programmed, allowing pulsing or step-up strategies to improve the efficacy of specific products. Intelligent alerting tools allow barn managers, supervisors and suppliers to receive automated notifications when product is getting low and needs to be replenished. The system can be monitored in real time via a web service. Multiple sites can be managed from a single web dashboard. All product usage is recorded in an online database, providing easy access to history and full traceability. The BlendTronic system also provides a way to use direct-fed microbials and probiotics in place of antibiotics.


Mosquito trap
Woodstream Corp. of Lititz, Pa., announced its new Commander trap for mosquito control. The Commander uses a patented catalytic converter to change propane to carbon dioxide mixed with heat, moisture and secondary lures to attract mosquitoes. The trap works by emitting this mixture to mimic human breath and capture mosquitoes' attention. Once attracted, a vacuum will draw the mosquitoes into the net, where they dehydrate and die within 24 hours. This cordless trap has wireless-enabled capabilities so users can monitor the trap's performance levels and maintenance needs from any wireless smartphone or laptop. The trap transmits data to a web-based database that's accessible through any computer or mobile device. Users can monitor trap maintenance needs and receive real-time status updates via email or text message on a variety of trap attributes, such as propane tank status, net replacement, lure time, motion sensor, outside temperature, fault codes for troubleshooting and remote off. This information is available 24/7 through a user interface that can be accessed by creating an account on MosquitoMagnet.com. Automatic reminders can be sent via email to notify owners when it's time to change the lure, refill the propane tank or replace the net. The Commander operates on "smart" technology and includes an easy-to-read LCD panel on the front of the unit for enhanced diagnostics. There are five customizable fuel-saving modes and a cold temperature shutdown setting that can extend the life of the propane tank for up to 30 days. Additionally, all information displayed on the LCD panel can also be found in the trap's online user interface. The trap begins working immediately and takes approximately four weeks to break the breeding cycle of the mosquito.


John Deere of Olathe, Kan., announced that it has updated its entire lineup of 5E Series Utility Tractors with new Interim Tier 4 engine models and more cab/open operator station and transmission options. The 5E Series line now includes new 85 and 100 hp, four-cylinder tractors to replace the previous 83, 93 and 101 hp models, plus four 3-cylinder models ranging from 45 to 75 hp. The 5085E and 5100E feature PowerTech diesel engines with PowrReverser transmission. The electrohydraulic PowrReverser transmission with 12 forward and 12 reverse gears allows for back-and-forth chores like loader and blading work, and the operator does not have to clutch or slow down to go from forward to reverse. The 5085E and 5100E are available with either an ergonomic, climate-controlled cab or an open operator station. The 540 Economy PTO comes standard on all PowrReverser-equipped models to reduce engine noise, wear and vibration when using powered implements. All 5E models can be matched with a wide variety of John Deere and Frontier implements.


Precision ag
Raven Industries Inc. of Sioux Falls, S.D., has introduced its new Viper 4 field computer for precision agriculture technology. The Viper 4 is designed to improve how customers manage critical machine functions and enhance the way data collected in the field is managed and utilized. The Viper 4 field computer features a 12.1 in. responsive touchscreen and sleek design with a ruggedized magnesium casing. A customizable user interface utilizing new Raven Operating Software allows users to set up machine profiles, user profiles and grower/farm/field information, expediting job start-up and streamlining information management functionality. The Viper 4 hardware, software and third-party applications operate separately from each other, providing an open platform for data management with the Slingshot API platform and agX compatibility.


Wheel loaders
JCB of Savannah, Ga., has introduced two new compact wheel loaders: the 411 and 417. The machines are powered by a 4.4-liter, low-emission, Tier 4i Ecomax diesel engine, with 125 hp in the 417 and 91 hp in the 411. The wheel loaders feature: a larger operator cab with improved ergonomics, a new high-lift arm option on the 417 for increased versatility, improved lift capacity and a clutch disconnect on the service brake pedal for lower fuel consumption. The 417 (which replaces the previous 416) and the revised 411 have a new single-piece hood. The redesigned cab has a full-color LCD monitor and an intuitive menu system that provides the operator with a wide range of real-time information, such as fuel consumption and cycle time data. Operating weights have been increased slightly to 21,100 lb. for the 417 and 18,000 lb. for the 411 to cope with increased digging forces and lifting performance. The high-lift-arm loader configuration on the 417 offers a pin height of 12.5 ft. with a dump height of 9.6 ft. The 411 is available with both standard and super-high-lift loader configurations, with the standard arms offering a pin height of 11.4 ft. and a dump height of 8.4 ft. when using a 1.5 cubic yard bucket.


Dual-density polyester felt
American Fabric Filter Co. of Wesley Chapel, Fla., announced that it now stocks dual-density polyester felt to provide more efficient filtration and a difference in fiber blend on the cake and clean side. This felt features support scrim, which separates the fine fibers from the coarse fibers. Scrim-supported felt is used exclusively in the production of the company's filter bags in order to improve the quality and extend the life of the dust bags.

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