New Equipment, January 2013

New Equipment, January 2013

Hay wrap
John Deere of Olathe, Kan., announced its B-Wrap, an alternative to indoor storage for protecting hay bales. B-Wrap is rolled onto round bales just like regular net wrap. The wrap protects bales with a patented material featuring Tama SCM Technology, which sheds rain and snow and helps protect bales from ground moisture. The material also has microscopic pores that allow water vapor inside the bales to escape. B-Wrap comes in rolls and works in John Deere 7, 8 and most 9 Series round balers equipped for applying net wrap. In addition to being used to protect all types of baled hay, B-Wrap can be used when baling crop residue such as straw, corn stalks and peanut hay.


Seed tracker
Digi-Star LLC of Ft. Atkinson, Wis., has introduced the ST 3400 Seed Tracker, a precision management system for seed tenders. A full-featured weighing and management tool, the ST 3400 is designed specifically to track seed weights on individual boxes or bulk bins. The ST 3400 Seed Tracker can determine preset weights with a pre-programmable auto shutoff for delivering precise seed quantities. It also comes with a downloadable software management reporting tool, including individual field identity, loads, date and time. The system allows for better seed management, resulting in less cleanout and a reduction in seed commingling. Only the amount of seed needed is placed into the planter. The ST 3400 is currently available on all scale-ready seed tenders.


Data collection software
HarvestMaster (a division of Juniper Systems) of Logan, Utah, announced the addition of Mirus harvest data collection software to its research agricultural solutions offering. Mirus is all-in-one software designed to collect and view harvest data in real time. The software is compatible with the HarvestMaster HM800 GrainGage systems. Mirus features large, easy-to-read screens that can show multiple data screens simultaneously for more efficient operation. Step-by-step calibration wizards for all sensors enable easy calibration of the GrainGage system. The intuitive user interface of the Mirus software is tailored to combine operators. The Mirus software provides: compatibility with Windows laptops and tablets running Windows XP, 7 or 8; the ability to generate and import maps and collect and export data; simultaneous views of four different harvest information screens; graphical and spatial displays of data; ease of viewing diagnostic screens while in harvest mode; step-by-step wizards for weight, moisture and test weight sensor calibration; combine operator-rated observations, and operator Quick-Notes on individual plots.


Teat spray robot
DeLaval of Hanover, Germany, has introduced its teat spray robot, or TSR, an automatic post-spray solution designed for consistent application, optimal use of teat dip and less labor. The TSR automatically sprays each teat and is designed to facilitate high-capacity milking in rotary parlors. Teat dip consumption and coverage are consistently managed. Consumption per cow depends on the product, its viscosity and the chosen spray pattern, but the company said the TSR's accuracy and uniformity will help keep conditions optimal for good udder health. The TSR is a stand-alone unit designed for external milking rotaries. The cows are sprayed right after takeoff at the end of rotation, not in the exit lane where bottlenecks can occur. The robot can serve up to 400 cows per hour. The consistent operation can help keep cows calm. The TSR will see a full launch in 2014.


Irrigation meter
Siemens of Atlanta, Ga., has introduced the Sitrans FM MAG 8000 for Irrigation battery-operated electromagnetic flow meter, designed as a cost-efficient water metering solution to manage water consumption for applications such as water distribution, revenue metering and crop irrigation. The Sitrans FM MAG 8000 for Irrigation combines the Siemens MAG 8000 transmitter with a specialized sensor to ensure the management of water resources for irrigation purposes while preventing water loss and waste. The meter features battery power for installation where power availability is a concern. The unit maintains a measurement accuracy rate of 0.8% and has no moving parts. The meter's IP68 enclosure offers security and durability in flood-prone areas or underground. Optional communication modules are available.


Disk ripper
John Deere of Olathe, Kan., has introduced its new 2720 Disk Ripper, a heavy-duty primary tillage tool designed to handle a wide variety of tillage tasks. The new machine sizes and buries crop residue, penetrates and shatters compacted soils and mixes and levels the soil surface. Unique features of the 2720 Disk Ripper include a new gang design with heavier C-springs, thicker gang tubes and a large gang bolt. The 2720 Disk Ripper uses a combination disk ripper/disk configuration to cut, size and bury residue, penetrate the soil and level the field all in one pass. The front disk gang angle is fixed at 18 degrees for maximum residue cutting and soil leveling from the ripper and back disk. The 2720 also features the Laser Rip II points in a variety of sizes to shatter the hardpan to a depth of 8-15 in. The rear disk gang can be set at 14 or 16 degrees, depending on residue and soil conditions, and the optional three-position hydraulic rolling basket breaks up root balls and clods to leave a smoother, more uniform soil surface. The 2720 Disk Ripper is available in four widths: 12 ft.-6 in., 17 ft.-6 in., 22 ft.-6 in. and 27 ft.-6 in., depending on the best fit for a producer's farm size and tractor horsepower. The 22 ft.-6 in. and 27 ft.-6 in. models have three folding sections to provide easier transport from field to field. The 2720 Disk Ripper can be used as the primary tillage tool for low-, medium- and high-residue conditions.


Utility tractors
Zetor North America Inc. of Jacksonville, Fla., announced the relaunch of its Major Series of value-priced utility tractors in the U.S. and Canada. Initially, the new Major tractors will be available in an 80 hp, four-wheel-drive cab version, with 60 hp, 70 hp, two-wheel drive and cabriolet (open station) models to be added later. The tractors feature a heavy-duty frame and a rugged, easy-to-service, four-cylinder Zetor engine that offers a torque rise of more than 35%, reducing the need for frequent downshifting. The Major Series tractors have a 12-speed forward/12-speed reverse synchro-shuttle gearbox and a user-friendly hydraulic system. The units have a lift capacity of more than 5,500 lb.

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