New Equipment, December 2013

New Equipment, December 2013

Landscape rakes
Worksaver Inc. of Litchfield, Ill., announced its new Power Landscape Rakes that remove debris or sod to prepare seedbed surfaces to create a new lawn or renovate an existing lawn. These landscape rakes also pulverize and set grade on new construction sites. Models are available for compact/mini-skid steers, skid steers and three-point PTO-driven tractors. Features include flip-up end plates, flip-up gauge wheels, a choice of carbide teeth or Sabre teeth and a material control bar. The rakes come with triple-seal bearings and replaceable bearing housings.


Seed drill
Kasco Manufacturing of Shelbyville, Ind., introduced the new 10 ft. KED-120 Eco Drill. This seed drill features a 15 bu.-capacity hopper and handles a wide variety of seed types, including corn, soybeans, oats, wheat and more. It uses a unique seed metering system and can be used for planting pastures and food plots, waterways and mine reclamation. The KED-120 is able to plant seeds in 15 rows with 8 in. row spacing. The seed drill also features 16 in. straight coulters to slice the ground, 13 in. concave openers to form a seedbed trench and cast press wheels to firm the seedbed and ensure germination. A three-speed transmission and precise adjustment of the seed metering slots allow for a wide range of seed rates. It fits Category II or III tractors. Widths of 6 ft. and 8 ft. are also available.


Capacitance point level indicator
4B Components Ltd. of Morton, Ill., announced that it has released a second-generation capacitance point level indicator. The Binswitch Elite detects level or plug situations for bulk granular solids or liquids in tanks, bins or silos and can be used as a plug/choke detector in chutes, conveyors and elevator legs. This new model has a user-selectable relay output that can be magnetically calibrated to be normally energized or de-energized. During calibration, the sensor automatically compensates for potential dust buildup. The Binswitch Elite's shielding protects against electrical interference that is common with variable frequency drives, radio frequency antennas and EMI sources. The sensor is fully encapsulated in a 30 mm-diameter polycarbonate body that is corrosion and abrasion resistant, dust-tight and waterproof. The Binswitch Elite is approved for CSA class II division 1 groups E, F and G and is IP65 rated for hazardous dust environments.


Handheld grain moisture tester
John Deere of Olathe, Kan., has introduced the GT-30300 Grain Moisture Tester to help producers more accurately monitor the condition of their grain during harvest and in storage. This new handheld device provides direct readouts of moisture and test weights for 20 different grains in seconds at the touch of a button. The new GT-30300 Grain Moisture Tester measures the moisture of harvested or stored grain from 5% to 45%, with repeatable accuracy to +0.2% and test weights with repeatable accuracy of 0.5 lb./bu., without having to pre-weigh the samples. The tester also measures the temperature of stored grains from 40 degrees F to 120 degrees F with repeatable accuracy to within one degree. Other features include a backlit LCD display for easy viewing of data, automatic temperature compensation and USB port and cord for software updates and downloading data. Each unit comes with an attached swiper for grain leveling and a heavy-duty carrying case. The grain tester will hold more than 40 different grain calibrations and will automatically average the operator's choice of three, six or nine sample readings.


Washdown scales
Adam Equipment of Danbury, Conn., announced the addition of two high-readability models to its Warrior washdown line of scales. With enhanced resolution, the new models can be used in applications where high precision and washdown capability are necessary, such as food processing, commercial baking and the chemical industry, the company said. Newly available in North America and Latin America, the Warrior WBK70aH provides readability of 0.002 lb./1 g and has a capacity of 70 lb./32 kg. The Warrior WFK165aH features readability of 0.002 lb./1 g and has a capacity of 165 lb./75 kg. With data output via RS-232 and optional relay triggers, the scales can be set to control other devices. The Warrior executes functions such as parts counting, percentage weighing and dynamic weighing. The large display is backlit to reduce the chance of errors when transcribing data. A capacity tracker is built into the display to monitor possible overloads. For check-weighing, colored LED lights clearly show when the weight is within the required range. The grade 304 stainless steel base, load cell, top pan, pillar and indicator are IP66 rated for protection in dusty or wet areas. A rechargeable battery is included.

Volume:85 Issue:49

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