New Equipment, August 2013

New Equipment, August 2013

John Deere of Cary, N.C., announced that it is expanding its line of ZTrak mowers by adding a flex-fuel model to the M Series fleet. The new Z925M Flex Fuel can run on any ethanol-mixed fuel blends of up to E85. The new model has a 24.6 hp electronic fuel-injected engine and a top speed of 10 mph. It's offered in 54 in. and 60 in. widths and comes equipped with a 7-Iron deck for durability. The Z925M Flex Fuel offers the option of an isolation seat or a fully adjustable suspension seat. An optional integrated material collection system provides a Dump-From-Seat option.


Corner seals
Sifter Parts & Service Inc. of Wesley Chapel, Fla., announced that it offers Food & Drug Administration-approved red natural silicone corner seals for the CS-1 sifter. The natural vibrant red color of the silicone adds visibility to help make identification easier in the event of the seal falling into the product stream. This new silicone gasket compresses equally to standard gum rubber for the same leak prevention performance.


Spray tip cleaner
Innoquest Inc. of Woodstock, Ill., announced that it has released the patent-pending SpotOn Tip Tool & SpotOn Nozzle Cleaner combo package, which was created for rapid cleaning and maintenance of spray tips and nozzle bodies. The SpotOn Nozzle Cleaner clears plugged nozzles with a 50 psi air blast that can be used anytime and anywhere because it does not need refilling or recharging. The four-in-one SpotOn Tip Tool features a brush, foldout plastic pick, spanner wrench and utility hook for spray tip maintenance.


Data reporting system
Feedlogic Corp. of Willmar, Minn., has introduced the FeedPulse data reporting system to allow barn managers to monitor feed usage on a local terminal. The FeedPulse system synchronizes data from Feedlogic's FeedMeter feed monitoring system with any controller or terminal that can receive a pulse signal. As feed passes through a feed line, the FeedPulse module sends pulse signals to a local controller, where feed usage data can be aggregated and reported. Up to eight FeedMeters can be monitored simultaneously with one FeedPulse module, and the module can be connected to multiple controllers. This gives users flexibility in connectivity based on the size of the building and the number of feed lines being monitored. The FeedPulse allows for instant access to feed usage data on site, particularly where limit feeding is occurring and it's important to know how much feed has passed through a line over a specific period of time. Users also may send feed usage data to Feedlogic's MyFarm web services through an internet connection to the site.


Boot scrubber
Meritech Inc. of Golden, Colo., has introduced a new line of boot scrubbing machines that sanitize employees' rubber boots and other footwear without laces by continuously applying strong sanitizing solution through a series of high-pressure nozzle jets onto continuously rotating brushes. The MBW boot scrubbing and sanitizing machines were developed for food production environments. The MBW machines clean boots at plant entrances and provide cross-contamination control between processing operations. The MBW series includes: the MBW 3.0, a full boot cleaning system that scrubs and sanitizes soles and up to 9 in. of the boot sides; the MBW-LP, a low-profile scrubbing system that cleans and sanitizes soles and up to 3 in. of the boot sides, and the MBW sole scrubbing system. The MBW boot washers have a compact design to fit into tight spaces. All machines are bidirectional and automatically apply the exact amount of sanitizing solution needed to ensure pathogen-free boots.


Flow management tools
HydroPoint Data Systems Inc. of Petaluma, Cal., introduced its WeatherTRAK FlowLink and new flow management features available at WeatherTRAK Central, the company's web-based centralized irrigation control platform. WeatherTRAK Delivers real-time visibility and user-friendly, advanced diagnostics, enabling irrigation and landscape professionals to monitor and respond rapidly from the field, office or mobile device. The new tools can quickly address system leaks and mainline breaks to reduce property risks and costs associated with water damage. WeatherTRAK FlowLink uses existing field wires and minimal trenching to pair a field transceiver and controller transceiver with flow sensors and a WeatherTRAK ET Pro commercial smart irrigation controller. This leverages the full flow management capabilities built into the controller and WeatherTRAK Central to monitor five independent flow functions along with master valves, station-level flow rates, thresholds and run times. WeatherTRAK Central has built-in analytics, reporting and alerts to deliver real-time site visibility. WeatherTRAK Central users can immediately address high flow rates, shut off broken sprinkler heads and make remote changes to station-level controller flow settings and configurations via any internet-enabled computer, smartphone or tablet. It offers interactive dashboards and customized, user-defined alarms, alert notifications or station groupings.


Power lift
Butler Transmission of Mechanicsburg, Pa., offers a high-tech power lift for its inclined platform wheelchair lift that can also be used for material lifts, low-speed mixing purposes, packaging machinery, conveyors for a high-value product and also as a control for batch or continuous processes, such as baking or heat treating. The power unit has a rigid, double-decker chassis design that includes thick aluminum plates and durable fasteners as well as a brake that safely holds the motor without power, plus a gear box in a sealed unit. The power design also keeps the output from moving. The unit's chain drive is rated for more than a 6,000 lb. capacity. Controls allow the system to operate on low-current 24-volt DC power supply. With the PLC and expansion module wired to three front-panel connectors, there are three switch circuits, including forward, stop and reverse applications. An emergency stop switch circuit also passes through two of the connectors and disconnects the AC drive from the motor, releasing the brakes to hold the motor.

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