New EPA, DOE leaders named

New EPA, DOE leaders named

PRESIDENT Barack Obama has named his newest Cabinet members, with Gina McCarthy to serve as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency and Ernest Moniz to serve as secretary of the U.S. Department of Energy, carrying out Obama's energy policy.

"They're going to be making sure we're investing in American energy, that we're doing everything we can to combat the threat of climate change, that we're going to be creating jobs and economic opportunity," Obama said of McCarthy and Moniz. "They are going to be a great team."

McCarthy, the second in command under her predecessor -- Lisa Jackson, who resigned last month -- had been expected to be nominated for the EPA post.

Obama said McCarthy has "earned a reputation as a straight shooter" and welcomes different points of views.

A statement from Growth Energy chief executive officer Tom Buis said McCarthy has "exemplified leadership" at EPA and has "dedicated her entire career to achieving commonsense solutions to balance the country's growing energy needs with important environmental concerns, as well as to (ensuring that) transportation needs are met."

McCarthy's record shows that she's a strong supporter of action on climate change, which is key given that Obama has stepped up efforts to push measures to help limit climate change.

Agriculture has been highly skeptical of EPA's intentions under the Obama Administration. However, when it comes to getting behind renewable fuels, EPA has supported the intent of and upheld the renewable fuel standard.

In February, McCarthy described her excitement about the future of cellulosic biofuels during a climate event held by Georgetown Law, according to Politico. She told attendees that issuing a renewable identification number for cellulosic biofuels was a "personal milestone" and said success with cellulosic biofuels this year is a key win in creating renewable fuels.

When she was head of EPA's clean air division, McCarthy forged bipartisan coalitions to finalize strong clean air safeguards and historic fuel efficiency standards.

She also was commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection and has been an adviser to five Massachusetts governors.

As energy secretary, Moniz "knows that we can produce more energy and grow our economy while still taking care of our air, our water and our climate," Obama said.

Moniz is a physicist by training, but he also served as energy undersecretary under President Bill Clinton, Obama pointed out.

Since then, he has directed the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) Energy Initiative, "which brings together prominent thinkers and energy companies to develop the technologies that can lead us to more energy independence and also to new jobs," Obama added.

Adam Monroe, president of Novozymes North America, said Moniz has had a long record of accomplishment at MIT and policy experience at the federal level.

"He understands how the department's renewable energy programs allow the public and private sectors to conduct cutting-edge science and research, leading to more jobs and investment in our economy," Monroe added.

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