New direction for Ag Forte

Ag Forte announced it will being producing commercial Poults and committed to improving technology for the turkey industry.


Willmar Poultry Company/Ag Forte (Ag Forte) announced last week its intention to begin producing commercial Poults for Hybrid Turkeys and Valley of the Moon.  This new direction offers structural changes aimed at stabilizing its core business and accelerating the speed of execution and deployment of new technologies to support a larger segment of the industry.

As part of the new company focus, Ag Forte will stop selling commercial eggs and poults in order to concentrate on the production of eggs and poults for Aviagen and Hendrix Genetics.

Ag Forte will immediately begin the transition of its production capability to produce eggs and poults for the primary breeders. “We have heard the request for “choice” from our customers and we are thrilled to deliver this new paradigm for the industry. We are entrusting our long-term customers to other sales teams, but we will continue to focus where it matters the most: delivering the best quality poults in the world, regardless of breed”, said Rick Vanderspek, president of Ag Forte, “This change will create the opportunity for the industry to access the genetics of their choice while continuing to source poults from our facilities.”

While operational excellence and consistency is the hallmark of Ag Forte’s value, a long history of Research and Development has also been a primary driver of long-term success. An important consideration in making this decision is that this change will give the entire industry access to the Company’s technology.

Ag Forte also announced that its sustained release HE vaccine (SRV) is ready for testing in a field environment. The Company’s delivery of innovative solutions won’t end there, as R&D plans to launch an array of SRP vaccines during the upcoming year.

The company’s technology businesses will focus on the release of proprietary industry innovations, which includes a system to provide feed and water to poults before and during delivery to customers. These developments are core to the company’s strategy to keep the turkey industry on pace with other meat proteins in the arena of animal care and shifting away from the reliance on antibiotics to optimize performance. Today’s consumers want assurance that their food is produced in an environment that optimizes the wellbeing of the animals and protects the environment and Ag Forte is committed to constant improvement in this area.

“Our company is at a critical juncture, where significant change is necessary and inevitable in our journey forward,” said Vanderspek, “Today, we are accelerating that change down a new path, aimed to further the long term sustainability of our business by reinforcing our core platform while realizing goals and returns for the investments in our technologies to help ensure a bright future.”

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