New campaign promotes protein power of milk

New campaign promotes protein power of milk

"Milk Life" aims to reinforce milk's nutritional benefit to consumers.

THE protein power of milk will be the focus of a new $60 million cross-platform campaign, "Milk Life," that aims to reinforce milk's nutritional benefit to consumers.

Recent nutrient research has highlighted the numerous health benefits of protein: maintaining muscle mass when losing weight or growing older, appetite control and helping maintain healthy body function.

Dairy products can provide high-quality protein necessary for healthy eating. With health and convenience in focus, shoppers are seeking products with protein, and milk is a simple way to consume 8 g of protein in one glass, according to the Milk Processor Education Program's (MilkPEP) website.

A 2013 report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Economic Research Service notes that Americans, on average, are consuming less fluid milk. Since 1970, per capita fluid milk consumption has declined because Americans are not consuming milk at mealtimes, especially the midday or evening meal.

Therefore, MilkPEP, which is funded by milk processors, launched the new multiyear, multi-channel Milk Life campaign to not only increase dairy product sales — particularly milk sales — but also to educate consumers on the important health benefits dairy protein can provide.

The new campaign will feature everyday moments of accomplishment, achievement and enjoyment. In addition, the campaign will emphasize the importance of consuming milk as a natural protein for breakfast.

Milk Life will be delivered to consumers and shoppers through an integrated array of media outlets, starting with a national television campaign. A variety of print executions will further generate broad awareness of this new milk message, according to MilkPEP.

The launch of the new campaign, which is a change in advertising approach, appears to be outshining — or, perhaps, replacing — the "Got Milk?" program that has, for more than 20 years, featured celebrities sporting milk mustaches.

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