Nevada governor vetoes raw milk bill

Nevada state assembly previously voted 40-0 that would have permitted raw milk sales anywhere in the state.

Nevada Gov. Brain Sandoval has vetoed legislation passed by the state's assembly that would have permitted milk producers to sell raw milk anywhere in the state, citing "significant public health risks" from drinking raw milk.

The legislation passed the assembly last month by a 40-0 vote in support of Artesanal Foods owner Brett Ottolenghi, who has wanted to open a raw milk dairy in Nye County, and, in the words of the bill's sponsor, to encourage a raw milk industry in Nevada.

The Food & Drug Administration does not permit interstate commerce in raw milk and unpasteurized dairy products, but individual states can set their own regulations. Although 20 states have followed FDA's lead, a number of states allow dairy producers to sell raw milk despite documented illness, hospitalizations and deaths among consumers who have drank raw milk.

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