National Beef plans to close Brawley facility

National Beef plans to close Brawley facility

NATIONAL Beef Packing Co. announced plans to close its beef processing facility in Brawley, Cal.

The last day of production is expected to be April 4. Approximately 1,300 employees working at the facility will be affected by this closure and will be offered support, including assistance with finding employment at other National Beef facilities.

A declining supply of fed cattle available for the Brawley facility was a key driver of the decision to close the plant, said Tim Klein, chief executive officer of National Beef.

"This was a very difficult decision for us to make because of the impact on our employees and suppliers," he said. "We are optimistic about the long-term prospects for U.S. beef demand, and we will continue to focus on expanding our position as the industry leader in value-added beef products."

"We have a committed, hard-working team of employees and suppliers in Brawley, and we truly understand the impact this will have on them," said Brian Webb, vice president and general manager of National Beef. "We are grateful for their service to our company, and we will work closely with them during this transition."

National Beef has not determined the future status of the Brawley facility, which it acquired in 2006.

Volume:86 Issue:06

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