Names in the News, 9/2/13

Names in the News, 9/2/13

AB VISTA, Marlborough, U.K. — Charlie Battle has been named sales manager. Battle was most recently head of communications at AB Agri.

Nigel Weaver has been appointed general manager of the Great Britain and Ireland business. Weaver most recently held a sales role.

ARCHER DANIELS MIDLAND CO., Decatur, Ill. — Brent Fenton has been named president, ADM Animal Nutrition. Fenton will be responsible for the specialty and value-added feed business, serving the livestock and aquaculture industries. He was most recently president of European operations.

Joseph Taets has been named senior vice president and president of the Agricultural Services business unit. Taets will be responsible for commercial activities and operations of the agricultural origination and transportation network as well as the wheat milling and rice businesses. He will take on the additional responsibility for strategy and growth activity across the business lines in Europe, Africa and India. He was most recently president of the grain group.

CALCIUM PRODUCTS INC., Gilmore City, Iowa — Mike Hogan has been named chief executive officer. Hogan was previously with John Deere.

CENTER FOR RURAL AFFAIRS, Lyons, Neb. — Brian Depew has been named executive director. Depew was most recently assistant executive director.

DELAVAL INC., Vernon Hills, Ill. — Jack Hippen has joined the company as market development director for the North American operations. Hippen will lead the market development team in delivering innovative solutions to the network of dealers. He was previously with ABS Global.

DIGI-STAR LLC, Ft. Atkinson, Wis. — Wagner Bispo da Silva has joined the company as sales manager in South America. Bispo da Silva will work with current accounts in the region and develop new markets. He was previously with AGCO.

F.L. EMMERT CO., Cincinnati, Ohio — Mike Manning has been named president. Manning was previously with ADM Alliance Nutrition North American Feed.

INTERSYSTEMS, Omaha, Neb. — Kevin Clark has been appointed chief financial officer. Clark will be responsible for the financial and administrative aspects of the organization.

MOTOMCO, Madison, Wis. — Jaclyn Amiss has joined the company as territory manager for the East Central U.S. Amiss will represent rodent control products to poultry and swine producers, farm store chains, independent dealer stores and crop input suppliers in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Kentucky.

NORTH AMERICAN MILLERS' ASSN., Washington, D.C. — Jim McCarthy has been named president. McCarthy was previously with the Snack Food Assn.

NORTHSTAR AGRI INDUSTRIES, Fargo, N.D. — Stephen E. "Ted" Brand has been appointed vice president of merchandising and risk management.

Danielle Storm has been appointed grain originator. Storm will focus on customer relations, grain origination and developing the FOB Farm Program.

PAPILLON AGRICULTURAL CO., Easton, Md. — Alex Haschen has been promoted to marketing manager. Haschen will be responsible for the national marketing programs and advertising initiatives for all products and will produce programs to educate dairy nutritionists, feed manufacturers and dairy farmers on the technology of Dairyman's Edge PRO and Gemini Protein. He was most recently assistant marketing manager.

VETAGRO INC., Chicago, Ill. — Sheldon Spratt has joined the company as U.S. technical sales executive. Spratt will be responsible for developing the market presence of the proprietary technologies in the fields of animal health and food safety.

WILBUR-ELLIS CO., San Francisco, Cal. — Jonathan Wilson has been appointed managing director of Feed Asia. Wilson will lead the venture's geographic expansion efforts and ensure the transparency of its supply chains, with a focus on safety, regulatory and food security issues. He was previously with Gold Coin Group.

Volume:85 Issue:35

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