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Motomco introduces new Tomcat with Bromethalin Meal Bait

Exclusive oat and grain formula with bromethalin now available in 5 lb. size.

Expanding its Tomcat with Bromethalin product line, Motomco announced the launch of a new Meal Bait in a 5 lb. size.

Made of an exclusive oat and grain formula that's extremely attractive to rodents, Meal Bait is a palatable, versatile choice for rodent control that has become increasingly popular in the agricultural market with swine and poultry integrators. This is the first time a product of its kind will be available at retail for use by smaller producers, hobby farmers and other agricultural consumers.

Tomcat with Bromethalin Meal Bait is the newest offering in Motomco's lineup of products featuring bromethalin, an acute active ingredient that kills rats and mice faster than anticoagulant baits, based on time to death from consumption of a lethal dose. Bromethalin rodenticides also provide value to producers since rodents cease feeding after consuming a lethal dose, therefore less bait is consumed.

Tomcat with Bromethalin Meal Bait can be placed in bait stations and used in locations where rats and mice might be attracted to competing food sources like feed rooms, commodity storage, closets, garages or sheds. Like pelleted bait, Meal Bait can also be used to bait active rodent burrows.

Tomcat with Bromethalin Meal Bait will be sold through Motomco’s network of distributors and retailers and will be available at farm stores, independent dealers and other outlets where Motomco rodent control products are sold.

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