Missouri's Right-to-Farm measure passes on narrow victory

The Missouri Right-to-Farm, Amendment 1 appears to have passed by a margin of 2,500 votes.

The Missouri Right-to-Farm, Amendment 1, which was on the August 5 primary election ballot in Missouri, appears to have passed by a margin of 2,500 votes.

The measure guarantees farmers and ranchers in the state the right to engage in their livelihoods and produce food for others.

Supporters have argued that all farmers and ranchers need protections due to out-of-state interests in restricting certain practices. Opponents have said the amendment would provide protections to large corporate and multinational agribusiness, and it would, in fact, make it harder for family farmers and ranchers to protect themselves from business interests.

Similar "Right to Farm" measures have been approved in North Dakota and Indiana.

Indiana's new measure — which was written into state law but not made part of the constitution — protects the rights of farmers to use "generally accepted" practices, including "the use of ever-changing technology." The North Dakota measure prohibits any law that "abridges the right of farmers and ranchers to employ agricultural technology, modern livestock production and ranching practices."

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