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Milk Products expands Calf Solutions product lines

Calf-focused brand portfolio adds two colostrum replacers and two calf electrolyte products.

Calf Solutions, a calf-focused brand portfolio from Milk Products LLC, has announced the addition of a two colostrum replacers, Ultra Start 150 and Ultra Start 150 PLUS to its product line.

The colostrum replacers feature:

* The same amount of globulin protein fed every time — 150 g of bovine globulin protein (from first and second milkings) per feeding, providing one replacer feeding or up to three supplement feedings.

* Instantized ingredients designed to mix easily and completely for easy feeding. The small 350 g feeding size allows for maximum intake, even in small calves.

* Fewer steps in which contamination can occur, which supports a consistent and active approach to biosecurity.

* Ultra Start 150 PLUS features First Defense Technology.

Calf Solutions also added two calf electrolytes to its product line. TheraCaf and TheraCaf PLUS are formulated to provide calves the energy and nutrients they need for use during periods of stress or sickness.

TheraCaf and TheraCaf PLUS features include:

* Ideal balance of electrolytes, energy and glycine supports rapid absorption of fluid and electrolytes. Functional protein and yeast extract optimize gut health in times of stress.

* Sodium bicarbonate and sodium citrate help to optimize blood pH (metabolic acidosis is associated with dehydration).

* Convenient packaging provides a cost effective electrolyte solution.

* TheraCaf PLUS is formulated with functional proteins and yeast extract to optimize gut health in times of stress.

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