Micronutrients expands manufacturing capacity

Micronutrients has completed a project to triple the capacity of its manufacturing plant in Indianapolis, Ind.

Micronutrients announced that it has completed a project to triple the capacity of its manufacturing plant built in Indianapolis, Ind., in 2011. The project further expands the ability of the company to manufacture its Large Particle Technology product forms (zinc, manganese and copper) while maintaining quality standards. 

Micronutrients said it has also completed the expansion of its feedstock handling operations, which will increase the ability of the company to receive, qualify and process high-purity metal sources of the zinc, copper and manganese used in the manufacture of the company’s products.  The expansion will further support Micronutrients’ 20 year commitment to strict Quality Assurance procedures and full compliance with its ISO Quality System, ensuring the consistent production of very high quality products

Micronutrients’ products include IntelliBond C (copper), IntelliBond Z (zinc), IntelliBond M (manganese) and IntelliBond Vital 4, a blend for dairy cattle of copper, zinc, manganese and cobalt.

Jeff Cohen, Micronutrients vice president for marketing and sales, said, “Growing customer demand is backed by 20 years of independent research that indicates IntelliBond minerals significantly improve nutrient stability in premixes and feeds and increase bioavailability and efficacy in the animal while reducing environmental impact. Our latest expansion increases our ability to meet current and future demand, while strengthening our commitment to quality.”

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