Markets in 60 seconds: 5/19/14

Rootworm app: Genuity has launched a first-of-its-kind iPad app — designed by Monsanto insect management technical development representatives, product managers and technical agronomists — to help farmers assess their risk for corn rootworm pressure and provide field-specific recommendations for the farmer. The Genuity Rootworm Manager app allows farmers to do a field-by-field assessment that determines the threat from corn rootworm by using several crop and corn rootworm metrics to evaluate the risk of plant injury from corn rootworm, including field location, pest population and previous crop and pest management history.

Ceres patent: Agricultural biotechnology and seed company Ceres Inc. has been awarded a U.S. patent for a genetic sequence derived from corn that covers uses of the gene in areas such as research, product development and seed production. The company believes that its gene could be useful in regulating plant development and key biosynthetic processes. Ceres plans to offer other seed companies a commercial license to the innovation, including an opportunity for exclusivity in certain crops. The new patent is titled "Nucleic Acid Sequences Encoding Strictosidine Synthase Proteins."


Volume:86 Issue:20

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