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March egg production up 1%

U.S. egg production totaled 8.20 billion during March, up 1% from last year.

U.S. egg production totaled 8.20 billion during March, up 1% from last year. Production included 7.13 billion table eggs, and 1.07 billion hatching eggs, of which 995 million were broiler-type and 77 million were egg-type. The total number of layers during March 2014 averaged 350 million, up 1% from last year. March egg production per 100 layers was 2,341 eggs, up 1% from March 2013, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s latest Chickens and Eggs report issued April 22.                                                                                                       

All layers in the U.S. on April 1, totaled 350 million, up slightly from last year. The 350 million layers consisted of 294 million layers producing table or market type eggs, 53.2 million layers producing broiler-type hatching eggs, and 3.02 million layers producing egg-type hatching eggs. Rate of lay per day on April 1, averaged 75.7 eggs per 100 layers, up slightly from April 1, 2013.

Egg-type chicks hatched during March  totaled 44.0 million, up 1% from March 2013. Eggs in incubators totaled 43.7 million on April 1, down 4% from a year ago.

Domestic placements of egg-type pullet chicks for future hatchery supply flocks by leading breeders totaled 235 thousand during March 2014, up 37% from March 2013.

Broiler-type chicks hatched during March 2014 totaled 770 million, down slightly from March 2013. Eggs in incubators totaled 628 million on April 1, up slightly from a year earlier.

Leading breeders placed 6.79 million broiler-type pullet chicks for future domestic hatchery supply flocks during March 2014, up 3% from March 2013.

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