Lower phytase dose option

Danisco Animal Health introduces lower Axtra PHY dose level for swine.

Following the launch of its patented bacterial phytase Axtra PHY to the poultry sector earlier this year, DuPont subsidiary Danisco Animal Nutrition has achieved U.S. Food & Drug Administration agreement for a lower Axtra PHY dose level for swine (250 phytase units per kilogram of feed). Axtra PHY offers cost-effective dosing through use of a strong set of matrix values that are, in turn, supported by numerous worldwide trials at different production stages (weaner and grower/finisher). The product is available in liquid and dry product forms. If a dry product form is preferred, maximum performance and ease of use is ensured through its thermo protection technology (TPT) granule, ensuring heat stability up to 203°F (95°C).

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