Life Technologies introduces trich PCR test

New VetMAX-Gold Trich Detection Kit provides a diagnostic solution to help address harmonization of Tritrichomonas foetus laboratory testing.

Life Technologies Corp. announced the availability of the only U.S. Department of Agriculture-licensed, real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test to detect Tritrichomonas foetus (T. foetus) — a sexually transmitted disease in cattle that leads to early embryonic losses and infertility, resulting in significant economic impact to the cattle industry due to open (non-pregnant) and late-calving cows.

The VetMAX-Gold Trich Detection Kit provides veterinary diagnostic laboratories with a test that provides highly sensitive and specific results through real-time PCR amplification of T. foetus DNA, the announcement said. Accurate testing to identify positive bulls is the only way to prevent the spread of trichomoniasis prior to cows being exposed to bulls. Infected bulls do not show any outward signs of infection.

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