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Landmark to build Wisconsin shuttle facility

Landmark to build Wisconsin shuttle facility

LANDMARK Services broke ground June 24 on a shuttle-loading grain elevator near Fall River, Wis. — the second facility of its kind in the state.

Slated for completion in August 2014, the facility is expected to market 15 million to 25 million bu. of grain annually.

Landmark's first shuttle-loading facility in the state was built near Evansville, Wis., in 2002, allowing area producers to tap into a much broader market for their grain. The 188-acre Fall River site will feature the capacity to store 4.6 million bu. and handle up to 125 railcars.

"This will give our customers a strong advantage in the marketplace to market their grain for the best prices possible, and we look forward to helping them do just that," Landmark chief executive officer Bob Carlson said. "This project will bring multiple opportunities for both our members and the community, all while enhancing our producers' profitability, exceeding customer expectations and keeping our cooperative financially strong."

The co-op is already working on an expansion of its Evansville facility. Scheduled for completion in September, the project will result in the largest grain storage bin in Landmark's service area, as well as a new grain dryer.

The Evansville expansion will add 730,000 bu. of grain storage and the capacity to dry 7,000 bu. of grain per hour. The new receiving pit will handle as much as 20,000 bu. per hour by truck, increasing the total receiving capacity to 65,000 bu. per hour at the rail.

By expanding receiving capacity, the co-op said the project will equate to a scale-to-scale grain delivery either by truck or by rail of seven minutes or less, reducing lines and waiting time at harvest.

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