Land O'Lakes, Inc. Acquires Geosys

As a key counterpart to its Winfield Solutions Platform, Land O'Lakes announced it has inquired Geosys.

Land O'Lakes, Inc. announced Dec. 4 its acquisition of Geosys, a global technology firm that provides satellite imaging and insights to agribusiness.

The acquisition caps a multi-year relationship between Geosys and Land O'Lakes through its WinField division, which utilizes select Geosys technologies in the United States.

"Today's purchase demonstrates Land O'Lakes' leadership in helping to build the farm of the future with cutting-edge concepts and technologies. These industry-leading technologies give farmers the tools to make critical decisions to improve yields while reducing their environmental footprint and further help our member cooperatives to leverage proven tools that turn data into decision enablers that drive productivity and sustainable agricultural practices," said said Land O'Lakes President and CEO Chris Policinski.

WinField Solutions, LLC-owned by Land O’Lakes, Inc.- will remain a key customer of Geosys. WinField Solutions, LLC-owned by Land O’Lakes, Inc.- will remain a key customer of Geosys.  Precision agriculture allows farmers to use data-driven insights to achieve optimized yields by combining technology, data and agronomic science. This approach enables farmers to customize inputs, rather than a one-size-fits all approach to crop management. WinField's R7 Tool, which utilizes Geosys technology, is a leading precision agricultural tool in the industry.

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