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Kemin launches ButiPEARL Z for swine, poultry

New product has key nutrients needed for optimal gut health in poultry and swine.

Kemin Industries announced a new product for the swine and poultry industries: ButiPEARL Z. Using the company’s proprietary MicroPEARLS spray-freezing technology, ButiPEARL Z contains butyric acid and zinc. The MicroPEARLS technology allows for the timely release of these two key nutrients throughout an animal's gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

Butyric acid and zinc play an important role in key biological processes affecting the health and performance of production animals, Kemin noted, adding that research indicates that butyric acid and zinc are necessary to maintain the structural integrity of an animal’s GI tract and are key in creating a microflora balance. In addition to the nutritional benefits, encapsulation provides superior handling by reducing the odor associated with butyric acid.

Kemin evaluated butyric acid and zinc for protective effects toward intestinal epithelial barrier function by measuring the transepithelial resistance under an inflammatory challenge and heat stress conditions. Data suggest that encapsulated butyric acid and zinc may protect cells from inflammatory and stress challenges and may produce efficiency advantages, Kemin said.

"Our spray-freezing technology encapsulates two synergistic nutrients — butyric acid and zinc — to meet a market need for innovation and convenience," Daryl Schraad, president of Kemin Animal Nutrition & Health, said.

ButiPEARL Z is manufactured in Des Moines, Iowa. This facility is certified to Food Safety System Certification 22000, which is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative as a rigorous food safety management system. The certification covers the manufacturing of food and feed ingredients used in further processing and is designed to deliver greater confidence in food, fewer health risks, lower auditing costs, improved protection for brands and improved supply chain management.

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