InVivo NSA opens new pet food plant in Mexico

France-based InVivo NSA, through its maltaCleyton subsidiary, has opened a new pet food manufacturing facility in Mexico.

Present in Mexico since 2008 through its subsidiary maltaCleyton, InVivo Animal Nutrition & Health (InVivo NSA) is a world leader in the field of animal health and nutrition and a major player in the field of animal nutrition and pet food in Mexico.

InVivo NSA opened Feb. 20 a new pet food plant in Mexico's state of Morelos, just south of Mexico City, that will increase the group's production capacity from 75,000 metric tons to 90,000 mt.

InVivo NSA director general Hubert de Roquefeuil said Mexico is a key country for the group both in terms of animal nutrition and health and pet food, an important market and strong growth in Mexico.

Indeed, with more than 26 million dogs and cats, Mexico's pet food market is one of the main growth drivers of InVivo NSA, Roquefeuil said, to the extent that the group is the third-largest player in the Mexican market, with ultra-modern facilities and strong brands such as Ganador Original, Ganador Premium Ganador Duo, Best Choice, Best Choice and Poder Canino.

The new pet food plant covers 5 hectares and represents an investment of $16 million.

France-based InVivo NSA employs 5,600 people in 18 countries and 74 production sites. During 2011-12, InVivo NSA achieved a turnover of 1.4 billion euros.

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