Investigation reveals plastic in nugget not from Cargill facilities

McDonald's and Cargill announced origin of plastic found in chicken nugget is unknown

After a comprehensive investigation, McDonald’s Holding Co. Ltd. and Cargill in separate statements announced the type of plastic found in one McDonald’s chicken nugget in Japan did not originate from the Cargill-owned production facility in Thailand.

The Cargill investigation included physical analysis, chemical analysis, microscopic third-party lab analysis and a step-by-step search across Cargill’s entire production facility. While Cargill investigated multiple potential blue plastic materials found in their production facilities and processes, chemical and physical analysis revealed that the type of plastic found in the nugget does not exist in the Cargill production plants in Thailand.

McDonald’s also confirmed it did not use that type of material either, making it impossible to enter the nugget during food preparation.

As a result, the origin of the plastic is unknown.

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