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In Brief: 12/5/16

In Brief: 12/5/16

Hawaii's counties can't ban GMO crops: The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals backed lower court decisions knocking down county-level bans on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in Kauai, Maui and Hawaii, finding that Hawaii's pesticide law does not allow for the local restrictions. The court ruled that the U.S. Department of Agriculture alone has the authority to regulate field trials and experimental GMO crops; neither states nor local governments can ban or approve them. The major seed companies commonly use Hawaii for experimental plots because of its year-long growing season.

Tyson CEO stepping down: Tyson Foods Inc. announced that Donnie Smith will be stepping down as chief executive officer, effective Dec. 31, 2016. The board of directors appointed Tyson president Tom Hayes to succeed Smith as CEO. Smith, who has been CEO since November 2009, will be available to consult with the company for a three-year period. "Tom Hayes is a proven leader who has played an important role in creating today's Tyson Foods and driving growth across our company," said John Tyson, chairman of the board. "The plan we have announced today will result in a smooth leadership transition that positions Tyson Foods for continued growth and innovation. The board's decision to name Tom CEO at this time was based on both his track record and how his skills align with the company's strategic direction and continuing evolution. The board has the utmost confidence in Tom's ability to build on the platform Donnie has created, to expand further into developing markets, new product categories and proprietary food experiences and to continue investing in our core nine categories."

Texas Farm Products changes name: Texas Farm Products Co., a leading manufacturer of pet food and feed, announced that as of Dec. 2, it is changing its name to TFP Nutrition. Considering recent changes and the company's future direction and focus, it has determined that this change in corporate identity will reinforce its primary purpose to support the health of animals through balanced and wholesome ingredients. "While we have a rich history of producing products for the ag marketplace and continue to do so, we now reach beyond that market. We believe it is important for our name to better reflect our expertise to the ag community and beyond,", Texas Farm Products chief executive officer Bud Wright said.

Calf supplement: Milk Products has introduced Sav-A-Caf Calf Health Supplement, a new supplement that can be added to whole milk or milk replacer to support early calf health during the first 14 days of life. "Getting calves off to a solid start is crucial for long-term growth, and it all starts in the first couple weeks of life," said Dr. Julian "Skip" Olson, technical services manager for Milk Products. "Sav-A-Caf Calf Health Supplement is an easy-to-use, non-medicated product designed with natural ingredients — such as naturally occurring microorganisms and natural flavor extracts — to support optimal calf health. Healthy calves in the first two weeks can become less exposed to growth setbacks and health challenges later in life, resulting in optimal growth and lower additional management expenses."

Mastitis preventative: Aspen Veterinary Resources Ltd. has introduced a new product line of stall and feed additives that reduce mastitis in dairy cows. The products, Easy Cow and Gold Pro Cow, are made with all-natural carrier ingredients and are imprinted with a contrasting electromagnetic frequency, creating an opposing force to the specific frequency created by each pathogen that causes mastitis. Mastitis is the leading cause of milk loss and, therefore, revenue loss for dairy producers. Easy Cow is applied to bedding to kill 96% of the pathogens that cause mastitis, reducing somatic cell counts and leading to increased production. It also works to increase beneficial bacteria. Gold Pro Cow works similarly but is added to the feed.

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