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Hybrid Turkeys releases informative avian flu video

30-minute video discusses popular avian flu questions such as human risk, how virus spreads and why turkeys are affected more.

Over the past few weeks, Hybrid Turkeys science and sustainability manager Dr. Helen Wojcinski has been speaking at various conferences and events on the topic of avian influenza. The company said it recognize that through these events, this message can only reach a small portion of the industry and related partners. Therefore, it decided to record a 30 minute video of Wojcinski's presentation and make it available to everyone.

The video discusses popular questions surrounding avian flu such as:

* What is the risk to humans?

* How is avian flu spread? What are the sources?

* What types of surveillance and control measures are being implemented?

* Why is there a higher incidence in turkeys?

Wojcinski is a well-known expert in health, biosecurity and animal welfare and has been working in the poultry industry for more than 30 years.

To view the video, visit www.resources.hybridturkeys.com/health/turkey-health.

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